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Course Dates


November 26, 2024

Course Duration


9 to 12 Months
Online + On Campus

Course Fee


US$20,000 US$17,500 and get US$1,000 off with a referral US$200 application fee

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Program overview

Digital disruption is reshaping entire industries in today’s global economy. In this dynamic environment, organizations must be agile and innovate with emerging technologies to generate new value propositions and create sustainable growth. Leaders will need to build new perspectives and capabilities to navigate this changing digital landscape and ensure that their organizations remain competitive. For digital transformation to succeed, it must go beyond the technology function. As a part of the C-suite, you will play a central role in aligning your teams and internal systems while influencing stakeholders to embrace new initiatives.

Wharton Executive Education’s Digital Transformation for Senior Executives Program will equip you with the strategic mindset required to evaluate emerging technologies and leverage them for long-term growth and sustainability. Over 9 to 12 months, the program’s robust curriculum will help you explore digital disruption from the perspectives of strategy, organization, and leadership. It will strengthen your skills as a visionary leader as you build a road map aligned with your organization’s business objectives for digital readiness.


of enterprises feel digital transformation is currently a priority.

SOURCE: HCL Digital Acceleration Report 2021


of companies see lack of in-house expertise as a threat to digital acceleration.

SOURCE: HCL Digital Acceleration Report 2021

Customized design for your success

The Digital Transformation for Senior Executives Program is designed with the needs of busy executives in mind. You will learn through immersive online sessions and guest lectures from global industry leaders. The flexible nature of the program allows you to customize your learning journey for maximum career and business impact.

Image to accompany text - Flexible


The self-paced modules provide the flexibility to accommodate learning around your busy work schedule. The program can be completed in 9 to 12 months as your schedule and program selections demand.

Image to accompany text - Interactive


A community learning experience with a limited cohort size facilitates interactive discussions with peers, program coaches, faculty, industry speakers, and career advisors — allowing you to implement program learnings in real-world scenarios.

Image to accompany text - Transformative


The multimodular learning journey experience, including the capstone project, allows you to learn and grow as an executive while enabling you to lead digital transformation in your organization.

Program highlights

Image to accompany text - Customize your learning journey

Customize your learning journey with a choice of electives.

Image to accompany text - Learn at your own pace

Learn at your own pace with a weekly commitment of just three to five hours.

Image to accompany text - Glean insights from global industry experts

Glean insights from global industry experts who are leading cutting-edge innovative practices.

Image to accompany text - Network with accomplished peers

Network with accomplished peers from around the globe and gain new approaches to leadership.

Image to accompany text - Engage with your success coach

Engage with your success coach to craft your learning journey through regular check-in sessions.

Image to accompany text - Benefit from experiential sessions

Benefit from experiential sessions combining theory with real-world case studies and apply the knowledge to your organization.

Image to accompany text - Meet your peers, industry experts, and faculty

Meet your peers, industry experts, and faculty during two days of in-person networking on the Wharton campus.

Image to accompany text - Pathway to apply for Wharton alumni status

Following successful completion of the program and subsequent open-enrollment programs, subject to further qualification criteria and additional tuition, you have a pathway to apply for Wharton alumni status.

What will you learn from the program?

  • Recognize the disruptive trends around digital technologies and plan to leverage them to transform an organization through innovation and long-term sustainable growth
  • Determine the strategy, organization, and leadership perspectives required for sustaining digital transformation
  • Assess the role of leadership in moving the organization from disruption to transformation
  • Determine strategies that enhance the vigilance and agility of the organization
  • Evaluate an organization’s readiness and the preparedness required to transform and sustain long-term growth and gain a competitive advantage
  • Build a perspective on the future with insights from case studies of digital leaders like Adobe, Deloitte, and Microsoft
  • Propose a plan for leveraging new technologies, innovation, and customer insights to disrupt old business models


The program's core modules will enable you to leverage emerging technologies, forge customer-centric digital strategies that drive growth, and build innovative digital solutions to sustain transformation. Designed with your demanding schedule in mind, this immersive program comprises 18 weeks of core modules followed by three six-week online electives.
  • Digital Strategy

    • Disruption Dynamics
    • From Disruption to Transformation
    • From Products to Platforms
    • Organizing for Innovation and Transformation
    • Driving Organizational Change
    • Vigilant Organizations 
    • Improving Vigilance

    Digital Techniques, Capabilities, and Methods

    • Data as a Source of Competitive Advantage
    • Driving the Analytic Mindset Forward
    • Machine Learning 
    • Artificial Intelligence Stack and Competitive Implications

    Digital Innovation

    • Innovation and Agile Models and Methods 
    • Innovating through Interactive Experiences 
    • Identifying and Pitching Digital Opportunities 
    • Experimentation and Validation of Ideas 
    • Testing Hypotheses
    • Platform Strategy: Build, Grow, Monetize, and Lead Digital Platforms: Learn to craft a platform strategy based on successful industry examples, evaluate platform designs, and identify growth and monetization opportunities that scale.
    • Corporate Governance: Maximize Your Effectiveness in the Boardroom: Gain a deeper understanding of corporate governance and increase your impact on board-level decisions by understanding the role, structure, and responsibilities of corporate governance.
    • Executive Presence and Influence: Persuasive Leadership Development: Gain the skill set needed to have an impactful executive presence through strategic persuasion and craft your unique leadership style.
    • Future of Work: Leading Modern Workplaces: Learn to create a reliable framework to successfully navigate changes in modern workplaces.
    • Driving Strategic Innovation: Leading Complex Initiatives for Impact: Prepare yourself to create and execute a well-developed innovation strategy that ensures your organization can meet the challenges of today and the future.
    • Leading and Managing High-Impact Teams: Gain a deeper understanding of team management and collaboration, persuasive leadership, and influence and develop a comprehensive set of skills for successful enterprise-level transformation. 

    *Electives are subject to change.

  • Meet your cohort peers and faculty in person on the Wharton campus in Philadelphia at a two-day networking and recognition ceremony. This event takes place once every four cohorts, enabling you to network with not just your peers but also professionals from other cohorts and create a lifelong community of global executives.

Capstone project

The capstone project provides a deeper dive into all that you have learned during the program. While leveraging concepts studied throughout the journey, it provides additional engagement with faculty and peers as well as an opportunity for further reflection on the challenges and opportunities you face in moving the organization from disruption to transformation. As part of the capstone project, you will apply core concepts of digital transformation to your organization. You will work on an executive reflection journal that applies program insights to evaluate opportunities for driving transformation and to address challenges to innovation.


The program’s structure is meticulously designed to cater to the demanding schedules of busy executives. The interactive and engaging format has been a catalyst for personal and professional growth, empowering me to think critically, challenge conventional wisdom, and embrace a future-focused mindset that is essential for leaders today. The program bridges the gap between theory and real-world application with an emphasis on execution at every level.

— Rajshree Balasubramanian, VP, Strategic Product Management, Fidelity Investments

The applicability of the curriculum was definitely put to test and has been enormously helpful. Having experienced and led several digital transformations prior to the program in CEO/president roles, it was fantastic to learn the theory, strategy, and best practices behind the reality.

— Jami Doucette, Operating Advisor, Warburg Pincus

Meet the faculty

Tapping into a rich reservoir of groundbreaking research and practical business acumen, Wharton’s renowned faculty offer you an invaluable learning experience that carries beyond the classroom into the real world. Recognized for their extensive breadth and depth of knowledge in business, technology, digital transformation, and entrepreneurship, Wharton’s thought leaders and a group of hand-picked industry experts work together to enlighten you about cutting-edge approaches to global business challenges. They share unique and novel perspectives about industry breakthroughs and encourage you to experiment with new ways of confronting digital disruptions.

Profile picture of professor Rahul Kapoor

Rahul Kapoor, PhD

Academic Director for the Digital Transformation for Senior Executives Program; David W. Hauck Professor; Professor of Management, The Wharton School

Profile picture of professor Lori Rosenkopf

Lori Rosenkopf, PhD

Simon and Midge Palley Professor, Professor of Management, Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship, The Wharton School

Profile picture of professor George Day

George Day, PhD

Geoffrey T. Boisi Professor Emeritus, The Wharton School

Profile picture of professor Raghuram Iyengar

Raghuram Iyengar, PhD

Miers-Busch, W’1885 Professor, The Wharton School

Profile picture of professor Ethan Mollick

Ethan Mollick, PhD

Associate Professor of Management, The Wharton School

Profile picture of professor Prasanna Tambe

Prasanna Tambe, PhD

Associate Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions, The Wharton School

Profile picture of professor Karl Ulrich

Karl Ulrich, ScD

CIBC Endowed Professor, The Wharton School

Profile picture of professor Tyler Wry

Tyler Wry, PhD

Associate Professor of Management,The Wharton School

Who is it for?

Whether you are directly responsible for ensuring digital infrastructure and strategic readiness at your organization or tasked with driving innovation and growth for various business verticals, you will benefit from this comprehensive program. You will emerge from the program with the strategy, organization, and leadership perspectives and capabilities for leveraging new technologies and staying ahead of digital disruptions.

Program eligibility criteria include:

  • A minimum of 10 years of work experience
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • International exposure (preferred)

Pathway to Wharton alumni status

For more than 135 years, Wharton has been the place where visionaries, inventors, and trailblazers get their start. Subject to further qualification criteria and additional tuition, the completion of the Digital Transformation for Senior Executives Program and subsequent open-enrollment programs puts you on a pathway to apply for Wharton alumni status. Executives who successfully complete the program have the option of applying to the General Management Program (GMP), which offers further opportunities to enhance your leadership skills and business acumen with a flexible curriculum. The program provides one credit towards the six required to complete the GMP and earn alumni status. More details on the GMP are available at Wharton Executive Education.

Upon qualifying for Wharton alumni status, you will be eligible to receive:

  • Full access to become a member of 77+ Wharton alumni clubs
  • Invitations to attend future Wharton global alumni forums
  • A Wharton email address

Application details

program fee

US$20,000 US$17,500

The fee amount is available till ,, and does not include the application fee of US$200

The program fee covers all program materials. The fee does not include accommodations for the two-day on-campus networking and graduation event, travel expenses (domestic, international, visa fee, and more), and other expenses.



Earn a Wharton Executive Education digital certificate upon successful completion of the program. Alumni of the program get exclusive access to a wide range of professionals, events, and networking opportunities. Furthermore, you can also benefit from additional tuition assistance upon enrolling in further online programs from Wharton Executive Education.

Note: After successful completion of the program, your verified digital certificate will be emailed to you in the name you used when registering for the program. All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of the Wharton School.

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Please also note that participation in the Digital Transformation for Senior Executives Program (a) will not result in a degree from, alumni status with, or earned credit at the University of Pennsylvania or the Wharton School (or, to Wharton’s knowledge, any other institution), (b) will not be recorded on a University of Pennsylvania or Wharton transcript, and (c) does not guarantee or suggest that a participant will be admitted to the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School, or to any other university or institution.


  • Emeritus collects all program payments, provides learner enrollment and program support, and manages learning platform services.

  • For the program refund and deferral policy, please click the link here.

  • Program fees for Emeritus programs with Wharton Executive Education may not be paid for with (a) funds from the GI Bill, the Post-9/11 Educational Assistance Act of 2008, or similar types of military education funding benefits or (b) Title IV financial aid funds.

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