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Key Takeaways

Wharton's Product Management and Strategy online program provides a comprehensive overview of this growing field. This program will enable you to:

  • Analyze contemporary practices of product management and strategy

  • Use tools and techniques to conceive, build, and manage products and services over their life cycle

  • Understand how to develop and execute a go-to-market strategy for products

  • Learn how successful product managers apply design thinking, agile methods, and key business metrics to build an effective product portfolio

  • Evaluate the product management function within organizational practice

  • Gain the confidence and credibility to transition into a product-management role

Who Is This Program For?

  • Early- to mid-career product, technology, and marketing professionals seeking to understand product management and strategy for building an effective product portfolio

  • Mid-level business/functional managers who are part of the product life cycle directly or indirectly

  • Consultants looking to offer innovative products and solutions to their clients

  • Entrepreneurs who want to expand their organization by identifying new product-development opportunities

  • C-suite/senior leaders who are involved at any point in a product's life cycle, from ideation to final launch

Program Topics

Our learning journey is structured to take you through the complete product life cycle, from concept and design to developing a comprehensive vision, incorporating customer feedback, and implementing the proper metrics for measuring performance.

Program Experience

Live Sessions
Live Sessions

Gauge your progress with live faculty check-ins.


Listen to content selected to align with specific modules.


See survey results on crucial issues, including the characteristics of a great concept.

Knowledge Checks
Knowledge Checks

Gauge your understanding of the content as the program progresses.

Try-It Activities
Try-It Activities

Focus on real-world scenarios such as conducting customer interviews and constructing a design thinking processes.

Focal Product Playbook
Focal Product Playbook

Choose a product relevant to your real-world circumstances, then implement and assess product development strategies and techniques throughout the program.

Industry Examples

Product Management and Strategy draws on real-world examples to illustrate how innovation actually occurs in the marketplace. It offers:

  • An exploration of whether Zoom really is 10 times better than BlueJeans, Skype, or Hangouts and whether Google could build a Zoom

  • An assessment of real-world brands and names, including Jukebox, BlackBerry, and Boeing

  • A look at agile frameworks, such as scrum

Program Faculty


CIBC Endowed Professor; Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions; Professor of Management; Advisor on Asia Strategy at the Wharton School

Karl Ulrich's research interests include product design and development, entrepreneurship, and innovation as well as environmental issues. He also holds an appointment as prof...



Get recognized! Upon successful completion of the program, the Wharton School grants a verified digital certificate of completion to participants.

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